$ONE token is the native utility token of Player One Universe, earnable and usable in all Miniverses. It serves as the primary medium of exchange within the ecosystem and miniverses, and provides access to various features, assets, and services within the platform.
Important: Points earned pre-mint will be converted to $ONE token after mint. Airdrop of $ONE to minters will also occur after mint. Keep updated on the precise times in our Discord.


- 1,000,000,000 total supply
- 50% for the community through pre-launch and ongoing participation.
- 20% for the development team to fund ongoing development and maintenance.
- 10% for advisors and early backers who supported the project.
- 10% for ecosystem growth, partnerships, and marketing.
- 10% for a reserve fund to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.


$ONE token holders can propose and vote on changes to the platform, such as new features and upgrades. Voting weight is based on the number of $ONE tokens held.

Asset Ownership and Trading

$ONE tokens can be used to purchase and trade virtual assets within Player One Universe. These assets can include 3D avatars, in-game items, unique NFTs, digital art, and more. Each asset may have a value determined by supply, demand, and its rarity.

In-World Activities and Rewards

To encourage engagement and activity within Player One Universe, users will earn $ONE tokens by participating in various activities, such as playtime, creating and sharing content, completing quests or challenges, attending events, and contributing positively to the community.